Would YOU be one of those couples who would like to create satisfying marital conversations. Discover how to break your fighting patterns and come away from challenging issues feeling good about yourself and your partner.

Finally discover the skills you need in order to speak to your partner, feeling heard, and negotiating the changes you are looking for in your relationship – all without shooting holes in the relationship!

  • Are you tired of avoiding the issues that you have in your relationship?
  • Are you discouraged that you cannot seem to talk about anything that might need changing or negotiating without one or the other of you distancing from the relationship?
  • Are you frustration with using the ‘under the rug of non resolved issues it goes’ as a strategy of communication?
  •  Are you eager to begin to communicate in the way you imagined it would be possible to do?

This is not about you or that you have more issues then other couples. It is about the lack of mentors for of creating satisfying marital conversations and knowing how to negotiate in an intimate relationship. It is about not knowing the skills involved in creating satisfying marital conversations.

I work with clients every day who have the good intentions to negotiate their relationship well and who genuinely want to create satisfying couple conversations but they just don’t seem to be able to do so.

You tell each other after another wounding conversation that you just have to try harder next time. Or you don’t say anything at all and you hope that you can avoid those conversations in the future, cutting off necessary and meaningful conversations in your relationship.

Imagine if you could be a fly on the wall inside the living rooms and bedrooms of couples who have learned the skills to be able to do this well. I have been privileged to coach couples to be able to do this in my private practice and when the skills are practiced and learned there is such relief and a movement towards closeness instead of the dreaded movement away from your attachment together.

Now you can have those hopes realized with detailed step by step instructions on how to learn those skills that will guide you towards having the conversations that you long for. You are taken from the preparation of yourself, right through each following step, with questions and places to write your answers down in the workbook.

Once you become familiar with the skills necessary, there is a checklist to keep you on track when you actually do this together. These are learnable skills. You already have some of them, but you need them all to create those satisfying conversations that you hope for in your relationship.


 The key benefits to you are:

  1. Satisfaction that you are able to create satisfying conversations even when they are about regrettable incidences
  2. Reduced fear and avoidance about negotiating because you are now confident in your skills
  3. An increase in emotional intimacy as you successfully negotiate your relationship


Remember that once you have learned these skills – you will be able to USE THEM FOREVER!

For less then a counselling session, you can receive this valuable information.

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Normally, this workbook is a bargain at the price of a counselling session ($149.99) but because I want as many of my clients, as well as other interested couples who would be helped by this information, the price has been reduced to $97.00 for a limited time.


Bonuses: For those who are comfortable acting quickly, there is also a bonus Downloadable MP3 and another bonus of an article about putting the romance back in your marriage with some great inexpensive suggestions for dates.


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Learn the skill and go forth and be wonderful in your relationship!